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this kind of one-sided rally seems useless, it doesn't even call for the release of hostages. It will be seen as giving Hamas a chance to rearm and regroup, and they have already said openly that they will carry out more attacks in hopes of killing as many Israelis as possible.

Reality is Gaza cannot be free of reprisals as long as it is ruled by a government openly dedicated to, and prioritizing, the destruction of its neighbor Israel and the annihilation of its Jewish population. Like it or not, Israel will not go along with that and they will retaliate.

Its also reality that Israel can not live in peace unless legitimate Palestinian aspirations for independence are realized.

These realities can be the basis of both sides self-interest to find an accommodation if extremists on both sides wanting a total victory "from the river to the sea" can be overcome. How? That is the question that reasonable people should be discussing instead of one-sided blame that drives people further apart as this kind of rally does with accusations of "genocide" and the like. Why not rally in support of groups that even now seek mutual understanding and reconciliation, compromise, which is the only way to get to an actual solution which inherently must take the interests of all peoples into account? That is the rally I would attend.

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